What Are The Stages Of Getting Over A Break Up

Published: 18th May 2009
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A break up can be a very devastating experience for anybody and it is definitely not easy to get over a break up. Nevertheless, one cannot and should not stay depressed for too long. There must come a time when you do get over your break up.

If you have already broken up and is trying to get over your breakup, it will be very helpful to know what the various stages are in getting over a breakup.

The first stage of a break up is usually a state of shock. Maybe you did not expect it to happen to you, so it is understandable that you will feel shocked. In fact, even if you already expect a breakup to happen, you can still feel shocked to a certain extent.

The next stage is usually denial. You really want to convince yourself that the love of your life is still together with you. However, in order to solve a problem, eventually, you will have to face it.

The 3rd stage can be a rebound. That may not happen for everyone, but some people do get into a rebound relationship just after a break up. Being aware of this can help you avoid a rebound. Do not go into a rebound as it can end up hurting someone else.

The 4th stage can be depression. You may find yourself still missing your ex and the happy times that both of you spend together. So, somehow, you just can't help feeling a bit depressed about it. However, try to learn how to let go. Don't allow yourself to sink too deep into depression. In fact, it may be a good idea to talk to someone you trust about your feelings. This may help you alleviate depression and makes you feel better.

The final stage is about taking action or letting go. It is either you try to get your ex back or you have decided to move on.
Stages Of Getting Over A Break Up

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Stages Of Getting Over A Break Up

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