Tips To Win Your Ex Back Using Simple Reverse Psychology

Published: 28th June 2009
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You might think that winning your ex back using reverse psychology might look complex but that isn't true. You can use some clear-cut methods which are intended to make your ex to stop ignoring you.

You need to abide by the "no contact" rule if you intend to win your ex back. Difficult as it may seem you have to make an effort not to text, call or see each other.

Your instincts might warn you against breaking contact with them. However if you stop making calls to your ex and appear calm and collected instead of acting like an insane person, your ex will find you attractive again.

Furthermore, this simple reverse psychology means that once you have stopped trying to make contact with your ex, then immediately your ex begins to wonder just what you're up to. They start wondering why you're not pursuing them and just like that you're on your spouse's mind and you're in their thoughts, which is just where you want to be.

Next psychological move for you is to have some fun and quit moping around. It is not going to be easy but it is better than being at home all the time and going crazy thinking about your ex and wanting to get in touch with them. Get yourself out there and spend more time with close friends.

Once your ex finds out that you are coping with the break up wonderfully and you dont care about them anymore, they might be surprised by this. If it appears like you have gotten over them, they will be more attracted to you and will want to get back together.

Think about your needs first before obsessing about making them happy all the time. By doing so means that you are unconsciously using the trouble-free techniques of reverse psychology.

Using reverse psychology is not a simple process that you can follow and this will guarantee a favorable response from your ex.

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