I Dumped My Girl And Now I Want Her Back

Published: 28th June 2009
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When this happens to you then you must act on it fast. You should not act as fast as possible because this can ultimately lead to mistakes. To act in desperation to win your girlfriend back can lead to several mistakes.

You may have already sent your ex girlfriend some gifts that are expensive as an act of desperation and trying to express yourself about how sorry you are. It may work but usually they fail. This is due to the fact that its pretty routine to do those kind of stuff. What your girlfriend wants to see is the honesty and sincerity from you.

When you dump your girlfriend and want her back, she will usually hurdle several obstacles in your path even though she wants you back too. Because you dumped her, its no use to argue with her feelings.

Expect for her revenge for the feelings you have caused on her which also hurt their pride. Her revenge will most likely match whatever it is that you are going to put up to.

You will be certainly asked several questions on why the breakup happened and the reasons why you dumped her. Your answers must be sincere so you need to prepare for your explanations before the confrontation.

If she needs an apology from you and a sound promise from you that you will never do it again, then you're going to have to do that.

Some men experience panic when overwhelmed with the feeling that the status of the relationship is getting more overwhelming and too much to think through. Men do get jumpy at times when commitments get bigger. Men may dump their girl due to impulsive decision making and will regret it when the though sinks in. this is one valid reason you can share to your girl but an honest reason is way more important.

The mistakes that were committed by you should not be discussed thoroughly and try to mellow down your overactive actions so that you will be nearer to get your ex girlfriend back. You should not allow her to pull her weight around you just because it was you who sent the relationship down the drain. Instead of arguing, just be apologetic and understand her feelings. Remember to understand that your girlfriend is also in a lot of emotional stress and turmoil because of what you did.

When both of you may still have feeling for one another, then there is a higher chance for the both of you to work things out and get the relationship on track again. When this happens, try to contain your emotions during the next time something like bigger commitments comes to avoid going through the same situation again.

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