Can You Really Stop Dog Whining

Published: 07th June 2009
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Maybe you just adopted a new puppy. The problem is he keeps on whining. Your neighbors are not very happy about it and are complaining. You are now at a total loss. You do not want to give your puppy away but you still want to stop him from whining.

How can you solve this problem? There are few methods that you can try. One method is to make use of an electrical device that will give out a noise that only dogs can hear but is very unpleasant to them. Another way to stop your dog whining is to be consistent and tell him to stop whenever you hear him whining.

The drawback is that you will need to be there all the time, or at the very least, most of the time. However, if you give it enough time, your dog may stay quiet and stop whining once and for all. Fortunately, there are more than 1 way to stop whining as well as other inappropriate behaviors. But for the time being, we will just focus on two of those methods.


Sound devices like the one described above to make your dog stop whining don't cost that much and they don't hurt the dog. They just emit a sound that's unpleasant to the dog. Imagine if you were to hear a loud piercing squeal every time you ate junk food. Pretty soon you'd probably stop eating junk food because you couldn't bear to hear that sound ever again.

This is the general idea behind these devices that make your dog stop whining. If you're not sure about the devices and you don't like the idea of annoying your dog, or you're fearful that the device will in fact hurt your dog, there are always other ways to go about making your dog stop whining than using these devices.

Consistent Training

The other way to make your dog stop whining is to be there whenever he starts to whine. When it does, make a loud noise or tell him no. Do not ever hit the dog. You should never hit the animal no matter what behavior he engages in.

Hitting a dog is not going to be effective anyway. There are always alternative methods to stop a whining dog, other than hitting him. For example, you might want to slap a newspaper against your hand or simply clap your hands together to stop your dog from any undesirable behavior.

Dogs ears are very sensitive, which is why the above devices work so well, and while a newspaper slapping against a palm may not bother you, it definitely bothers the dog. Do this every time the dog whines and do it often. Remain consistent and pretty soon your dog will stop whining and you, and your neighbors, will have the peace you desperately deserve.
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